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Building on Web3 has never been so straightforward

We are creating the ultimate blockchain for app developers. Our mission is to build the fastest and simplest blockchain, ensuring a delightful experience for developers worldwide.

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Usability & programmability

An unrivalled developer experience

We're making Web3 possible for all developers. Our simple yet powerful programming model will have you building the decentralized future quicker than you can say "zero knowledge rollups".

  • It's just TypeScript

    Boost your productivity using a familiar and comfortable language.

  • Object-oriented

    Get going faster with our simple yet powerful programming model that just makes sense.

  • Interopability and composability

    Create new network effects with a world of objects interacting seamlessly.

  • View source code

    Learn from and build on top of others' creations. Web1's killer feature comes to Web3!

  • First class ownership model

    Power up your smart contracts with our beautifully simple ownership model.

  • Ecosystem of tools

    Unlock your potential with our dev tools, APIs, browser wallet and explorer.

Scale & performance

Built for global scale

From day one, Aldea will offer a network capable of achieving significantly higher throughput compared to other mainstream chains. No sharding, no rollups and no boondoggle.

Object-level parallelization

Object-level parallelization

Aldea’s object model unlocks a greater level of parallelization. If two transactions operate over different objects they can be executed in parallel.

Near-native execution speeds

Near-native execution speeds

Smart contract logic gets compiled to Web Assembly, a battle-tested execution environment that runs at near-native speeds.

State caching

State caching

All state within Aldea is localized and stored as objects and packages. This enables excellent cache locality and minimal database lookups.

Specialized signature validation

Specialized signature validation

Validating signatures is the most demanding part of running a node. Aldea’s architecture enables this piece to be optimized and run separately from execution.

Low storage usage

Low storage usage

A node does not need the entire blockchain state to begin validating. Aldea’s database also performs batch updates to supporting objects to be used at very high frequencies.

Interactive objects

Making the most exciting ideas in Web3 possible

Aldea's simple yet powerful object model combines the best of Account and UTXO model blockchains. Think beyond tokens and smart contracts, and build a world of feature-rich, interactive and interoperable objects.

Where the boundaries of technology are pushed.

Trade anything at the speed of light.

New kinds of tokens. Powerful objects you can own.

  • Cheap transactions

    Let your players do whatever they want whenever they want. No second layers. It might just make sense to cover their costs.

  • Interactivity

    Make game assets that interact with wallets, exchanges and third-party tools easily. Create ecosystems with lasting network effects.

  • TypeScript

    Focus on your game logic instead of learning new programming languages and blockchain models. Find developers with ease.

  • High TPS

    Fast and cheap transactions unlock liquidity. Experience decentralized exchanges as comfortable as centralized ones.

  • Objects

    No matter what kind of digital asset you own, everything is an Aldea object that can be traded.

  • Security

    On-chain markets mean you don’t give up control of your assets. On-chain source code means transparency and auditability by default.

  • TypeScript

    Invent new assets using a language accessible to everyone. Learn how other assets work yourself using any explorer.

  • Object Oriented

    A computation paradigm perfect for digital assets. A type systems built for composability. Unleash your creativity and create new experiences for existing assets.

  • Interactivity

    Express and experience a fuller range of digital object relationships. Discover new network effects through objects calling, storing, and extending other objects.

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About us

Who are Aldea?

As a team of blockchain veterans, we found the layer 1 we wanted didn't exist. So we are building it. We're driven to make the most exciting ideas in Web3 possible for anyone.


Plans are hatched, first lines of code written.

2023 Q1/2

MVP mocknet, dev tools, explorer, and wallet.

2023 Q3/4

Devnet launched, Rust node, P2P network.

Meet the team

Brenton Gunning

Brenton Gunning

CEO, Engineering
Miguel Duarte

Miguel Duarte

Aaron Russell

Aaron Russell

Anabella Rizzi

Anabella Rizzi